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Mystery Shoppers Kenya is part of CS Consulting, a consulting company that was established in 2007 and has been working with organizations across different sectors to enhance the quality of their customer experience through development of customer service standards and plan, staff training and service quality tracking.

We have partnered with our colleagues in the UK who have provided mystery shopping and customer satisfaction research since 1991, to offer our clients the ability to track the quality of their Services and identify opportunities for improvement.

Mystery Shopping can be used as the solution to a number of business issues.

You might be:

• a franchisor wishing to ensure your franchisees are upholding your brand values 
• a retailer who needs to know how well your outlets conform with your policies 
• a car or van manufacturer who wants to know your competitors’ discounted prices
• a financial services company ensuring advisors comply with regulations 
• a local authority wanting to know how quickly email enquirers get a response 
• a business wanting to know how your competitors respond to enquiries 
• an airline who wants to monitor flight attendant performance 
• a car dealership wanting to know how well your sales or service staff perform

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Mystery Shoppers Kenya

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