LGCSB Terms & Conditions

To comply with Market Research Society Code of Conduct staff (at least those in the areas which will be covered) need to be advised:

a)  that their service delivery may be checked through mystery shopping, including call recording
b)  regarding the objectives and intended uses of the results (including the level of reporting if at
     department, service or individual level)
c)  whether mystery shopping is to be used in relation to any employment terms and conditions


We suggest the following as the basis for a brief to staff who have not previously had such a briefing:

“Xxxxxx Council has recently joined a customer service benchmarking group of local authorities. The purpose is to compare the level of customer service we offer with that offered by other councils. The service will be benchmarked using mystery shopping techniques and will include telephone calls, emails, letters, visits and a website survey. Telephone calls may be recorded.

We will receive a report of our performance overall in comparison with other authorities including a summary by type of enquiry, which more or less equates to department and service level. We will also receive the individual assessment reports for each call, email, letter and visit If appropriate add “including call recordings.”

The purpose of this programme is to enable us to understand how we compare with other authorities (including what are our strengths and weaknesses) and to identify any areas where we might need to make changes. This survey is not about individual staff performance and will not be used in any way at individual staff level.”


Alternate last sentence:

“While this survey is not about individual staff performance we may provide individual feedback especially where we find excellent performance or where some form of coaching might be appropriate. The results will not be used for any other staff performance management purpose.”

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