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Our agents visit your shop, pub, restaurant, bank branch, post office, car dealership or other premises. They may or may not purchase, depending on how essential that is to achieving your objectives. They may be asking about insurance, a loan or a mortgage. Or they belong to your club and report back on how it feels to be a member.

Our agents travel on your trains, planes, ships, buses, coaches etc. or our agents go on one of your holidays and tell you about their experience.

We go to theatres, cinemas, opera houses, pubs, wine bars, clubs, fast food outlets, tourist attractions, restaurants and hotels.

Our agents order goods for delivery at their home and let you know when those goods arrive, in what condition and whether they were correct as ordered or they ask you to deliver a service (such as clearing a blocked drain or cleaning a carpet) at their homes and tell you how well your staff did the job.

We test invigilators in exams, attend timeshare presentations, visit county shows, take electronic goods for repair and employ couriers. We loiter to attract the attention of on-street sellers of charity donations, insurance, power supply and telephone contracts.

Our agents attend conferences and meetings, sit in on sales presentations, make wholesale or trade enquiries and purchases, apply to join business groups and professional bodies.

Our experienced video operators can be the mystery shopper and film the encounter to give a view as seen by the customer, or they can accompany another mystery shopper so they can film the whole interaction between customer and staff. For some programmes they accompany genuine customers – for example, taking a car in for a service and retrieving it afterwards.

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Website Assessments

A mystery shopping or CSat programme will tell you all you need to know about customer service offline, however, incorporating website assessments will give valuable insight into your customer’s online and offline journey.

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Telephone and Internet

Telephone - Outbound
Our agents make calls pretending to be customers and report back on how the call was handled. They can test all your telephone lines (quick speed-and-greet or longer calls), your call centre, and your email response, as well as your web site. We can provide digital recordings of every call to help you coach staff towards excellence. They can test how you responded after business hours, how professionally your staff transferred calls and how quickly and efficiently you sent fulfilment by post.

We have textphones to test your response to disabled callers and mobile numbers so we can accept callbacks.

Telephone - Inbound
We can also provide an inbound call service to monitor your outbound Call Centre activity. Our agents will answer as if private individuals or businesses as required.

Internet sites which offer a response facility have acquired a poor reputation - it often seems that response forms disappear forever into the ether. We can monitor your site giving you feedback on usability and functionality, and how quickly and reliably our enquiries receive a response from your company. We have a panel of home internet users who carry out this service using a variety of different email addresses.

We can usually find ways of simulating a business calling your lines, though you may need to help us generate realistic scenarios. We relish a real challenge!

Customer Satisfaction Research

We can interview your customers by telephone, on site or using our mobile phone feedback facility. We can tell you what they think of your service and what they would like you to change or improve. We can find out why former customers switched to a competitor or whether current customers might consider doing so and why - and what they say you can do to ensure they don't!

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Paper-based Surveys

We can run your paper-based customer surveys such as comment cards and postal surveys, providing a data entry service with periodic summary reports. We can provide feedback sheets for delegates at your conferences, validation and evaluation forms and reports for trainees on your courses.

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