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Tourist Information Centre Benchmark Programme


This programme allows any TIC to order an assessment package of any size and combination of assessment types. Each individual assessment results in a Call/Visit/Email/Letter/Website report provided by email as a PDF document.

Call recordings can be supplied if required, as can the actual emails received as responses.

A QuickSummary Report is available if required and is primarily for summarising the scores and findings when there is more than one call, email etc.

The QuickSummary will also include a comparison with previous scores where a previous assessment exists.

Call recording

We usually record all calls for our own Quality Control purposes (even if you have not opted to receive the call recordings) but cannot do so unless you have confirmed on your Order Form that staff will have been informed accordingly.

Where Call recordings are required they are supplied in MP3 format playable on a PC - they are embedded in the PDF of the Call Report so you can read the report and hear the call at the same time.


Scores from all TICs involved in this programme will be added to a rolling average for each measure for each assessment type. This will enable us to create a Benchmark against which each assessment will be compared in the QuickSummary report (if purchased).

Since the Benchmarking Data is the average of all assessments carried out under this programme no data will be identifiable as coming from any specific source.

Regular programmes

If you would like a regular programme, or have a number of TICs, and would be happy to enter into a contract we have a different pricing structure. The same applies if you would like your own customised assessment forms.

Please call us on 01409 255025 for more details.

MRS Code of Conduct

We are members of the Market Research Society and our programmes are designed to be in full compliance with the Society's Code of Conduct. This is why we need to assure ourselves that staff have been informed about the programme - individual TICs will often be so small that even if staff are not identified by name or description they may be identifiable because of the date and time.

Please e-mail: or call us on 01409 255025.

Thank you.

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