Video Mystery Shopping

Video mystery shopping is rapidly increasing in popularity as companies seek to ensure that every customer interaction is as positive as possible and that no potential sales are lost.

Mystery Shoppers Ltd has developed a professional team of covert agents who can cover all corners of the UK and Ireland.  Their experiences are captured using state of the art recording equipment and uploaded to our secure inbound data website within hours of the visit being completed.  All our shoppers are trained and fully briefed on each project and are able to comfortably fill a variety of roles to suit almost any client requirement.

Video mystery shoppers often accompany genuine customers we have recruited to record their experience.  This technique has been used in programmes such as car dealerships and hearing aid centres.

Video mystery shops can be commissioned in addition to, or in place of, a written report.

The videos themselves can either be supplied on DVD or downloaded through our password-protected secure website in a variety of formats to suit the client.  Videos and associated reports will be available as soon as they have been quality checked, usually within 72 hours of a visit being completed.

All videos can if required be fully edited with titling where appropriate.  If any visit does not meet our extremely high standards then the visit will be repeated at no cost to the client.


Some examples of the quality we can offer:


Retail shop visit
Dylan's guest house bude


 Msl Retail

In order to produce the best quality work our video mystery shoppers have to use the best equipment. Up until recently this has meant that our agents have had to search the web for the best deals on their own and hope that they are buying from reputable sources. Well, that has now recently changed with the opening of our sister company MSL Retail, specialising in quality covert video recording equipment with camera kits such as the Lawmate PV500 Evo2 specifically chosen for mystery shopping. The equipment we sell is the industry standard for covert mystery shopping and due to our presence in the industry we have been able to secure some very competitive deals on the equipment we sell.

If you have any questions about choosing the right equipment then please feel free to contact us on

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