Mystery Shoppers are specialists in mystery shopping, customer satisfaction and employee engagement research.  

Our huge global database of shoppers (330,000 and growing) means we can match your typical customer profile, delivering an accurate picture of the customer experience.

We are passionate about providing a high-quality service using innovative research techniques and industry leading technology. Our flexible and adaptable approach means we are able to work with you to integrate into your systems and ways of working for truly seamless performance management and insight.

We don't just supply data or tick-boxing exercises; our aim is to provide interpretable and actionable results and work with you and your team to continuously improve.


Mystery Shopping answers a lot of questions. You might be:

a retailer who needs to know how well your outlets conform with your policies

a franchisor wishing to ensure your franchisees are upholding your brand values

an insurer who wants to know what premiums your competitors are charging

a financial services company ensuring advisors comply with regulations

a local authority wanting to know how quickly email enquirers get a response

a business wanting to know how your competitors respond to enquiries

spending too much on employee engagement tools and still unsure what to do

looking for help monitoring stock levels, asset quality or product pricing


You can use mystery shopping as the basis for Continuous Improvement Programmes and staff performance management - you won’t just find out what needs fixing, you'll have a tool which will change behaviour and actions.

We can run workshops for your teams and you can take advantage of our off-the-shelf and bespoke training programmes that include eLearning and key skills assessments.

Our Employee Engagement tools have been proven to increase overall business performance by allowing you to understand what employees are thinking/feeling and make focussed improvements.

Our customer feedback tools give you an in-depth insight into the wants and needs of your customers to aide your marketing.

You'll find we have clients in virtually every industry so the odds are we have experience of mystery shopping your type of business.


"Gain Credit's partnership with Mystery Shoppers Ltd has been valuable and insightful. The data produced has been high quality and it has significantly helped us to develop our procedures and improve the quality of service we offer our customers. The team are proactive, innovative and professional. I have no hesitation in working with Mystery Shoppers again for our next project."

“Since 2004 we have carried out regular campaigns to ensure that our consumer service targets have been achieved by our call centre. The programme was developed in conjunction with Mystery Shoppers. Their input was invaluable in ensuring that appropriate measures and scoring criteria were adopted. The ongoing support from Mystery Shoppers has helped us to enhance the criteria used to give more differentiated feedback. They have also been on hand to help with interpretation of data and to advise on how this can be used to deliver improvements. I am convinced that the use of this programme has helped us to deliver a better service for our consumers.”

"One of the deciding factors in choosing MSL over other agencies was the availability of shoppers across the UK. The added bonus has been the exemplary customer service and the attention to detail provided by the whole team who look after our account. The portal to access the reports is user friendly and updated regularly and the option to receive pdf alerts when the report is ready is particularly useful to respond to any urgent issues. I would highly recommend working with Mystery Shoppers Limited."

We’ve pretended to be betting shops, scientists, installation engineers, bikers, students, foreign doctors, hairdressers, plumbers, dentists, caravanners, pregnant women, bankrupt, hard-of-hearing, teenagers looking for contraception, pensioners buying insurance and trainee teachers.

We’ve recruited Chinese gamblers, housing tenants, disabled mystery shoppers and males to take the last dance at a lap-dancing club (to ensure nothing is occurring which contravenes the licence).

We’ve set up plumbing blockages and car faults. We’ve cheated in exams (to check the invigilators are alert), parked illegally (to test the council’s parking wardens), shoplifted (to check the security systems) and gone on timeshare holidays. We’ve parked bicycles to see how quickly they get stolen (quickest was 75 minutes – in Croydon). We even have our own dummy businesses with websites.

But all that aside, our case studies demonstrate that a programme set up in accordance with our advice WILL show clear and positive change.

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