About Mystery Shoppers Ltd

The company was set up in 1991 by Paul Grafton, a certified Management Consultant and former British Airways Inflight Product and Cabin Crew Training Manager.

After successfully growing the business over 25 years, Paul stepped up in 2016 and is now the company’s Chairman; he has handed over the Managing Director role to his daughter, Sophie Grafton, who has an extensive background in sales, performance and customer experience management.

Our headquarters are in Devon, but we have offices in London and Bulgaria as well as Franchises in Kenya, Botswana and Myanmar.

We have one of the largest mystery shopper panels with 330,000+ people all over the world who help us with our mission to improve customer and employee experiences.

We work with our clients to grow their businesses through increased customer loyalty and reputation without it costing them a fortune.

We specialise in mystery shopping (the name says it all!), but we also understand the importance of listening to what customers are saying, to what employees are saying and also to finding out what is happening in the wider market too, so we have developed a range of market insight, employee engagement and customer feedback tools for our clients to utilise too.

We are passionate about providing a high-quality service using innovative research techniques and industry leading technology. Our flexible and adaptable approach means we are able to work with our clients to integrate into their systems and ways of working for truly seamless performance management and insight.

We don't just supply data or tick-boxing exercises; our clients trust us to deliver interpretable and actionable results and we work with them to continuously improve.

We are proud to be members of the MRS and MSPA, which means we strictly adhere to their high standards when it comes to service quality.



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