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Boost your Christmas wallet this Autumn

Autumn is here, and dare we say it, there’s only 80 days left until Christmas. If, like many others, you’re feeling the pinch more this year, now is the perfect time to earn some extra money and boost your income, by mystery shopping! Here’s how you can join the fast-growing community of mystery shoppers.

At Mystery Shoppers Ltd (MSL), we have 340,000 people signed up to complete assignments worldwide for us. Many of our assignments can be done at home (web based or telephone), and assignments vary from train journeys and restaurant visits to luxury sports car enquiries, charity assessments and much more. Some are even undercover, posing as mystery employees! No assignment is ever the same.

All you need to become a mystery shopper is to be aged over 17 years old. No qualifications or specific skills needed!

“This is a great company, the pay is always good, the reports are easy to understand and complete. I am a long standing mystery shopper and this is one of the best”.

Recent shopper

Any assignments that require a purchase will be reimbursed, while others offer a shopper’s fee for the work. Fees do vary dependent on the assignment. How you’re paid is up to you. Payment is usually paid within 28 days upon completion of your mystery shop, either by PayPal or straight into your bank account.

Here’s a few other questions we’re often asked:


This depends entirely on our clients and their current requirements, and what assignments you choose to undertake.


Yes. As a mystery shopper you are classed as self-employed and are responsible for declaring your earnings.


It’s quick and easy to get started. First visit our ‘Become A Shopper’ page here to create an account in our Shopper Portal. Then you simply create a profile and you’re ready to start searching for assignments. Here’s our quick guide to getting set up.


Yes, they really can! Mystery shopping is accessible to everyone as assignments can be home based as well as actual visits. You choose the assignments to suit you. 

“I take pride in making sure everything I agree to do is done on time, as I know what it’s like when you’re let down!

… I am disabled and cannot maintain a ‘normal job’. Being able to complete these assignments as and when, and be in control of when and how I work has been amazing for me, as for the first time in years, I have truly been able to pace myself, which has worked wonders for my physical and mental health.

As the assignments have worked so well for me, I no longer have to worry trying to earn money elsewhere, and Mystery Shopping is now my only source of earned income. I am so incredibly grateful to be able to complete this work.”

Recent shopper

Mystery shopping isn’t just about the work… 

Our Facebook Group has over 1,500 members, so it’s a great community to get tips and learn from fellow shoppers. Being a mystery shopper is a great experience and it can be so much fun. Those that are successful, have good attention to detail and a positive attitude. Plus, you can learn new skills as a mystery shopper! Some (but not all) assignments require mystery shopping certifications that can be completed using our Shopper Portal. These are easy to do and give you the best possible chance of being selected for assignments. Certifications cover a variety of skills from audio mystery shopping to video recording. 

Celebrating success 

We believe that those shoppers who are consistently amazing, or go above and beyond for us, deserve a little treat. Each month our teams nominate shoppers they feel deserve a small bonus as an extra special thank you.

Here’s a few fun facts that you might not know about mystery shopping, plus some tips from our shoppers!

1. Sometimes, you don’t actually have to buy anything to do mystery shopping! Often, it’s just about making an enquiry and sometimes you don’t even need to leave your house to do it!

2. TIP: If you are using a covert video or audio recording device, be extra careful to test it out before you head out to do your mystery shop. Some advice from a professional video shopper: ‘Don’t worry when your kit fails (because it will, but that’s OK). It happens to all of us at some point and it is a hazard of the job. Learn from ‘user error’, because it is very easy to press something by mistake.’

3. If you are out mystery shopping, and someone accuses you of being a mystery shopper, just say you’ve never heard of one. ‘What’s a mystery shopper?? Sounds fun!’

4. Always take photos left, right and centre of the shop you’re visiting. It makes it so much easier to remember your experience. Some shoppers text themselves straight after an assignment with notes so they don’t forget later on.

If you’re interested in becoming a mystery shopper we’d love to have you. Visit our ‘Become A Shopper’ page for more details. For more FAQ’s on mystery shopping see our dedicated page .

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