Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is a mystery shopper? 
A: A mystery shopper is a person who poses as a real customer whilst assessing customer service levels provided by a company or organisation. A mystery shopping assignment can be a telephone call, email, letter, website survey, face to face visit, a home visit – the list goes on! If you want to find out more about what’s available, sign up with us and look on our Available Assignments page.

Q: How can I become a mystery shopper?
A: Complete our online application here.

Q: What are you looking for in a mystery shopper?
A: Anyone (17 years or older) can be a mystery shopper!

Q: Can I become a full time mystery shopper?
A: Mystery Shopping is a great way to earn a few extra pounds in your spare time, but is unlikely to provide you with full time work. However, video mystery shopping assignments, which involve mystery shoppers using covert recording equipment whilst visiting stores/restaurants/car dealerships etc., often pay a higher fee. For more information about this email

Q: Are there any age restrictions?
A: You must be 17+ years old to sign up as a mystery shopper with us.

Q: Do I need any qualifications? 
A: No formal qualifications are required, but you must have a good command of written and spoken English, and regular access to the internet and email.

Q: I live in a remote area, is there any point in registering?
A:  Yes definitely! Mystery shoppers can be required in any location. We carry out visits on some of the smallest islands of the UK, and remote locations in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, so you should definitely register and see what comes up. We never guarantee work to any of our mystery shoppers, but it’s quick and free to register so it’s certainly worth doing.

Q: I live outside of the UK, will there be any work for me? 
A: Most of our work is carried out in the UK, but we do carry out some assignments overseas (especially the Republic of Ireland), and have franchises in Myanmar, Botswana and Kenya so it’s definitely worth registering if you live outside of the UK. Keep your email notifications turned on so that we can let you know if there’s anything available in your area.

Q: Can I work from one of your offices?
A: Mystery shoppers work from their own home. Our UK administration office is based in Holsworthy, Devon. If you’d like to know about our office vacancies, take a look here: /careers/vacancies.htm

Q: I'm disabled, can I still be a Mystery Shopper?

A:Yes, definitely! We also have some assignments specifically for shoppers with access issues or disabilities – when you complete your application form make sure you tick the relevant box, then when we have an assignment relevant to your disability, we can contact you.



Q: How long do assignments take?
A: Assignments vary depending on the type, it could be a 2 minute telephone call, or an overnight stay at a hotel. The assignment details will show the start date and the deadline. You will also sometimes be asked for a date that you plan to do the asignment when you apply.

Q: How many assignments will I get?
A: We never guarantee regular assignments to our mystery shoppers because the available work depends completely on our clients’ needs and requirements. Have a look at the Hints and Tips section of these FAQs for advice on how to get more mystery shopping assignments.

Q: How quickly will I have to complete the assessment form?
A: We normally require the assessment form to be completed and submitted by 9am the day after your assignment, but this may vary for some assignments so you should always check your Shopper Brief.

Q: How do I complete the assessment form?
A: Please take a copy of the assessment form with you and use this to write your notes immediately after the visit has taken place. Please remember to ensure the assessment form stays out of sight for the duration of the visit. Alternatively, use our app Mystery Shoppers Mobile for iOS or Android. When submitting your form, please add as much comment as possible where relevant as this provides valuable feedback and gives us a better understanding of your answers. If a question is not applicable, select ‘N/A’ and comment in the box alongside. Please complete the assessment form with an open mind and think carefully before completing each question. Please take care to use the correct punctuation, spelling and grammar. Learn how to turn enable spell checking on your browser. Substandard assessment forms will not be accepted and will be returned to you for adjustments.

Q: Should I keep my paperwork or send to you?
A: Unless otherwise instructed, you should keep your paperwork for sixty days in case of any queries, and then destroy it. We may ask you to post or email scanned /photographed copies of paperwork you receive during the course of the mystery shop, but this is normally detailed in your Shopper Brief.

Q: What do I do with my receipt(s)?
A: You should always keep your receipts safely for sixty days. For some projects we reimburse expenses so we may ask you to upload a copy of your receipt to the assessment form.


Q: How much will I get paid?
A: The payment will depend on the length and complexity of the assignment. The fee will be stated in the details of the assignment.

Sometimes we will ask you to make a purchase as part of the assignment, in which case we often reimburse you for the cost.

Q: Will I be able to claim back travel expenses?
A:  Normally no, we don’t pay travel expenses, but for some assignments we may do so and this will be mentioned in the assignment information but if you aren’t sure, check with the team member named in the Shopper Brief and they will advise.

Q: If I have to make a purchase, can I keep it?
A:  This depends on the assignment, sometimes you can keep your purchase, sometimes you will have to return it either to us or the client. Check your Shopper Brief for clarification if you are unsure.

Q: How will I be paid?
A: You can choose to be paid via PayPal or straight into your bank account – this is up to you. Make sure the Extended Profile banking section is complete and correct.

Q: When will I be paid?
A: We normally make payment within 28 days of completion of the assignment and receipt of all required media uploads. Please ensure that your bank details are correct on your Extended profile.

To see whether you've been paid for a completed assignment:

Log in here, click onMy Settings then Pay History (it might take a few minutes to load).

If the text in these 4 columns is green, you should find the amount has been paid to you via BACS or PayPal depending on the method you have chosen. The Date of Review column is when we processed the payment, so please allow a few days for it to appear in your account. You cna click to sort (alphabetically or numerically) on any of these columns. You can also right-click to filter. If the list is quite long, please be aware that it may go onto a number of different pages which you can flick between if you scroll to the bottom.


If you see any blanks in the last 9 columns, don't worry as these are assignments that we've archived on our system. Please check your bank statements if you beleive that you have not been paid for any of these.

Q: Who pays my National Insurance & Income Tax?
A: As a mystery shopper you are classed as self-employed and are responsible for declaring your earnings to the Inland Revenue.

Q: How many hours will I work a week?
A: This depends entirely on our clients and their current requirements, and what assignments you chose to undertake.


Q: How do I become a shopper?
A: Click here and complete the fields as requested. You will receive a verification email (check your junk/spam), click the link and finish the final part of the sign up process. You can then check the Available Assignments page for mysteyr shops near you.

Q: Why do you ask for so much personal information?
A: Clients can be very specific in their requirements. They might need someone of a certain height or who drive a specific type of car. Of course, you don’t have to fill out all the questions if you don’t want to, but by doing so you maximise your chances of being contacted about assignments that are relevant.

Q: Is my personal information shared with a third party?
A: No, absolutely not. The information you give is for us to select the right mystery shopper for the right assignment.

Q: Why do you want my bank details?
A: We ask for your payment information (Sort Code, Bank Account Number OR PayPal email address for example) only so that we can process your payments for any successfully completed assignments quickly and without having to request this information from you after you have completed an assignment. The information that we request can only be used to put money into your account – no money can be taken from you, nor do we ever share this information with any third party companies.

Please ensure that your payment information is correct and kept up to date as these are details that we will use to pay you. We cannot retrieve payments if incorrect details are entered here. Any incorrect or incomplete payment information will cause a delay in processing your payment.

Q: I forgot my password, what should I do?
A: Click on the Forgot Password link on the login page and follow the instructions.


Q: Forgot your password?
A:  Simply click on the Forgot Password link on the login page.

Q: Locked yourself out of your account?
A: Email to get your account unlocked.

Q: Why do I get so many emails from MSL?
A: When registering with us, by default you are subscribing to our automated, manually generated and newsletter emails. Each week you will get a summary email of all of the assignments that are available near you, each day you’ll get a ‘top up’ email detailing any new assignments since your last weekly email and members of the team might also email you if we think you might be interested in an assignment. Our newsletter has prize draws, articles and hints and tips that you might like to know about. Please add us to your address book so that our emails don’t accidentally go into your junk/spam folders. You can choose to unsubscribe from emails by logging in and changing your notification settings or following the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the emails.

Q: Unsure how to check for assignments?
A: Log in, and click on Available Assignments on the left hand side of the page. This will automatically show you all assignments in your area. If you want to see all of the assignments available, click on the orange bar at the top of the page.

Q: Want to see assignments that are further away?
A: You can reset your work area by clicking on map under My Coverage on the left hand side of the page. Alternatively, you can change the distance you are willing to travel for assignments in the Available Assignments filter.

Q: Want to see absolutely everything that's available?
A: When you see the list of Available Assignments in your area, click on the orange bar with a link at the top of the list that states: The postal code and distance below are set according to your profile. Click here to reset and show all opportunities. Please note that you will not be able to see assignments for which you don’t fit the profile restrictions. If you then want to filter the assignments by project, click on the ‘All Surveys’ filter, and select the project you are interested in.

Q: Not sure how to see the assignment information?
A: Click on the ' i ' button of the assignment.

This will open up the summary, and the summary will normally contain more information and a link to more detailed instructions in the Brief. Please make sure you have read the Brief in full before you apply.

Q: Not sure how to apply for an assignment?
A: In Available Assignments, click on the Apply button.

You will sometimes have to add a note in support of your application. Make sure you state your availability and any relevant information that would help us decide if you are a suitable candidate to complete the assignment – if the Brief asks you to state certain information in your application, make sure it’s included. We often receive a large number of applications for assignments, so make sure your Application Note is up to standard to put you ahead of the crowd! Assignments you have applied for will appear on your profile under My Applications.

Q: How will I know when I've got an assignment?
A: You will receive an email to confirm (as long as you have not unsubscribed from emails), and when you login you will see the assignment listed in your Inbox. If an assignment is not in your Inbox, it has not been allocated to you.

Q: What do I do when I've been allocated an assignment?
A:  Log in to your profile, make sure you read the Shopper Brief (available as part of the Assignment Info that appears when you click on the Information button) before you start the assignment.

Q: What is a Scenario and where can I find my Scenario?
A: A scenario is usually a PDF/file that you can find attached to your assessment form. It provides some additional details to help you when doing your mystery shop. We use scenarios to make the mystery shops seems realistic and different from one another. Not all projects have a scenario, but if yours does you will find it by opening the assessment form (click on the name of the assignment to open this up) – the link to the Scenario will appear in the notes section at the top of the assessment form.

Q: I've been asked to make an audio recording as part of my assignment, how do I do this?
A: You can use a smartphone with the capability to record audio. This website might help you do this. Some tips on audio recorded assignments:

Before your assignment, ensure you have the required equipment with you - you must ensure that your audio recording device/smart phone is fully charged, has enough free memory space to do a long recording, and that you are comfortable with how it works.

Your recording must be started a maximum of 20 seconds before entering the branch. Please state the Date, Time and Location you are visiting – you must state this so that we can be sure you’ve visited the correct branch.

You must record the entire visit – make sure you start the recording before you enter the branch, and only turn it off after you leave the branch.

Visits with no audio, a partial audio, or with an audio that is not clear will not be accepted and you will not be paid.

Be careful to not shake the device or fiddle with it as this will interfere with the audio quality – try to keep the device as still as possible in your hand (not in your pocket etc.) or on the table in front of you (face down).

Please make sure that your phone is in “flight mode” during the visit to avoid any interruptions to the recording. If it’s not in flight mode and you receive a call, the recording will stop and your audio will fail.

After the visit, your recording should be uploaded from the recording device to your computer and uploaded to your online report. To do this open your report form, and click on the “Upload File” button at the bottom of the report. If the file is +50Mb, email us for a different upload link for large files. You must keep the Audio Recording and Documentation for at least 90 days after your visit.

Q: I've been asked to take a photo with a date and time stamp, how do I do this?
A: To take photos which have a date and time stamp, some of our shoppers have found the Timestamp Camera Enterprise app useful. Click below to download the app:

Look for:

Make sure your location settings are turned on so that date and time stamp will include your location too.

Q: I have to make a call recording for an assignment, how do I do this?

To make the call, log in to your shopper portal and go to your inbox. Click on the assessment form for which you need to make a call recording and the call facility will pop up.

Before you click ‘Call Now’ please check that you have selected a landline number to call from. If you don’t have a landline, please contact a member of the team. Check the 0 is replaced by +44 at the start of your number and that there are no brackets or spaces. You may need to go into your profile to change this. If you are trying to complete your call but cannot see your landline number available in the drop-down menu, you will need to add this number to your shopper profile. You can do this by selecting the ‘My Settings’ tab and selecting ‘Edit Profile’.

You will now be able to see a button with an image of a phone on it and the words ‘Call Now’. Once you have the phone you are calling from close to hand and are ready, press ‘Call Now’. The system will now dial the required number and your phone will ring.

Once you’ve answered the phone you will be asked to enter a pin number. The pin number appears on your screen below the ‘Call Now’ button in blue. Enter the pin number using your phones keypad.

Once you have entered the pin number you will be asked to wait for the call. The system will connect you to the number and begin to record the call.

When you hang up your phone, a message should appear on your computer screen to say your recording will be downloaded. The recording will automatically attach itself to the bottom of your assessment form.

It may take a few minutes while for the call to be attached to the assessment form. You can listen to the call recording that is attached to the end of the assessment form, to help you complete the call sections for accuracy.

If you have any concerns, please call a member of our team BEFORE you make the call.

Call recording will not work if you are using our app Mystery Shoppers Mobile.

Q: I have to take a screenshot on my phone, how do I do this?
A: For Android:

On most Android phones, you can take a screenshot by holding down the Volume down button and the Sleep/wake button simultaneously.  Hold these buttons down until your screen flashes. If this doesn’t work, follow this link to find out how to do it on your phone.

To view your screenshot, go to the photos section on your phone and look for the screenshots album, tap to open it, then select the screenshot to view.  You can use this feature to attach the photograph to your assessment.

A: For iOS:

On any iOS device you can either take a screenshot by holding down the Power/Sleep button(on the top-right of your device) and click the main home button in the bottom-centre simultaneously. Or hold the home button and click the power/sleep button, your screen will flash briefly.

To view your screenshot, go to the photos app on your phone (this is not in the Photo Stream, but in the main Photos section), you can use this feature to attach the photograph to your assessment.

Q: How do I submit my form?
A: First, press Check Complete (at the bottom of the form) – this will check if you have missed anything. Once you have completed all the questions, press Save. Your form will be saved and you will be sent back to your Inbox. Your will then see that the Submit button on your assignment is green – this means it’s ready to submit. Press Submit, and the assignment will be sent straight through to us!


Clicking on the Home tab takes you back to your Inbox.

Here is where you can edit your profile and your password.  You can also look at your Pay History to see the assignments you have completed. If you have a payment query you should contact the relevant team about the assignment.

Under the My Stuff heading on the left hand side of your Inbox, you can see your current assignments (Inbox), your Certifications, your current Applications, and Available Assignments.

On the left hand side of your Inbox is a map showing your work area. If you want to change this, click on the map to edit. Make sure you hit Submit when you’ve finished your changes!

Visible on the right hand side of your Inbox, this takes the place of the Bulletin Board – we use this to put messages online for shoppers, do have a look on the Message Board as we sometimes use it to advertise assignments that are not available on Available Assignments.

This is where you can see a summary of your current shopper grade. For information on how the grading system works, please see Help Documents.

This is where we put documents which we think will be of use to you, including these FAQs, a copy of the current Shopper Contract (which you are bound to) and the Shopper Grading guidelines.


Once you have registered with us, why not try downloading our app Mystery Shoppers Mobile for iOS or Android. The app will allow you to search for, apply and complete mystery shopping assignments and it makes completing assessment forms really easy! Here are some instructions to get you started: Mobile App Installation & User Guide

Look for the

If you are a Windows phone or tablet user, please download the MobiAudit app and enter the URL: when prompted.

Complete as many certifications as possible – these are usually short and easy and provide us with details about your preferences.

Ensure that your profile has as much detailed information on it as possible (this will help us to match your profile with current specific projects). Ensure your details are up-to-date (if there are any changes then ensure you login to your profile and update).

Increase your work distance – Click on My Coverage on the bottom left of your Inbox to change this.

Sign up with several Mystery Shopping companies, this will increase your chances of getting work. (Tip: Do not sign up with any company that asks you to pay a fee to be on their database as these companies are often not legitimate).

Make sure you log in to your profile and search Available Assignments regularly, and check your emails regularly. Check out our tips for getting more assingments here.

If you use social networking sites, you can

Before your visit

1. Please thoroughly check your equipment (batteries fully charged, camera angle adjusted accordingly, sound working etc.) as we will not be able to issue payment for footage that does not clearly show any relevant member of staff.

2. No date/time recording to be indicated on recording. Please turn this feature off.

During the visit

3. At the beginning of the recording before getting out of your car/arriving on site, please make sure that you verbally give date, time and location.

Submitting your video

4. We require you to upload the video footage directly to us via our FTP system (the URL and your log in details for this were emailed to you when you joined the Video Team).

5. Please double check that the MS Reference number is correct before submitting your footage. If the footage does not come in correctly labelled it will be rejected and we may not be able to use your visit which will result in non-payment

6. Please keep a back-up copy of any footage for at least 30 days from date of visit.


Q: I have a question that I can't find the answer to in these FAQs, how can I get help?
A: Contact with your question and we’ll do our best to help

Q: I'm worried about Mystery Shopping scams, what should I do?
A: Read our information page on scams /mystery_shopper_scams.htm – we have lots of advice on how to spot scams, and what to do if you think you might have been contacted by a scam company.

Q: I don't want to be a Mystery Shopper any more, how can I remove myself from your website?
A: You can deactivate your account by logging in, going to My Settings, Edit Profile then under Notifications click ‘Deactivate Profile’. Alternatively, contact your request and we can cancel your account.


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