How to earn extra money for Christmas

How to earn extra money for Christmas

With less than 3 weeks to go until Christmas, one thing’s for sure, the festive holidays are a busy time and one where every penny saved and earned counts more than ever. We share how you can truly maximise your Christmas budget by mystery shopping.

Make sure you’re on our Santa list…

Sign up as a mystery shopper on our website or App. It’s quick and easy to do and once you’ve filled in a few details about yourself, you’re ready to apply for assignments!

Create your Shopper Profile here.

Spruce up your profile!

Is your Shopper Profile 100% complete? Make sure you’ve completed all the boxes and as many certifications as you can. Certifications are mini quizzes and completing these will make you eligible for even more assignments. 

It’s time to branch out

If you normally do a certain type of mystery shop and are looking for something with a higher rate of pay, you can actually sort your available assignments by ‘Best Pay’ in the Portal.

Don’t forget that audio and video shops also tend to offer better pay!

Top tip: Many assignments can be completed more than once so you can really ramp up your Shopper pay for the month. 

Sprinkle a little mystery shopping into your Christmas shop…

Our popular restaurant and café assignments offer the perfect Christmas shopping pitstop. Rest your weary feet and keep an eye out for these shops where you can enjoy a hot drink, breakfast, or even lunch on us!

Check your list twice

As part of all mystery shops, you’ll need to send us back an assessment form on your experience. Make sure you’ve done ALL of these things before you press submit.

> Checked for spelling, punctuation and grammar

> Attached any supporting files such as photos, audio or video files

> Checked your answers – make sure you haven’t accidentally selected ‘no’ when it should have been a ‘yes’.

Why? If we need to send your form back to you to complete again, it will take longer for us to process your payment. We aim to make payment for all assignments within 28 days.

Have you been ‘sleigh-in’ it this month?

Each month our teams nominate those shoppers that have gone above and beyond (or just been absolutely amazing consistently!). The winning voted shopper will receive an extra bonus on their monthly pay.

What are you waiting for? There’s ‘snow’ time like the present! (sorry, our last pun we promise!) Log in to the Shopper Portal now to start boosting your Christmas budget. 

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