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We’ve assessed betting shops, installation engineers, universities, hairdressers, plumbers, dentists, we’ve pretended to be caravanners, pregnant women, bankrupt, hard-of-hearing, teenagers looking for contraception, pensioners buying insurance and trainee teachers. We’ve set up plumbing blockages and car faults.

We’ve cheated in exams (to check the invigilators are alert), parked illegally (to test the council’s parking wardens), shoplifted (to check the security) and gone on timeshare holidays. We’ve parked bicycles to see how quickly they get stolen (quickest was 75 minutes – in Croydon). We even have our own dummy businesses with websites.

Our customer experience assessments are used across a wide range of industries.

mystery Drivers


Our Mystery Drivers can enquire about pricing, purchasing BTO and stock or car rental/hire services.



We send our Mystery Diners to your restaurant, bar or cafe to assess the customer experience.

Mystery donors


Our specialist team within the fundraising sector assess compliance to industry standards and regulations.

mystery shoppers


Our Mystery Shoppers can shop online, via telephone or in store and report back on their experience.

mystery passengers


Mystery Passengers ride the bus, tube, taxis, trains and trams and report back on their experiences.

mystery Families


Our Mystery Families can attend open days at Nurseries or Care/Residential Homes to assess the experience.

mystery guests


Mystery Guests assess the entire experience from enquiry and booking to follow up after a visit.

mystery Residents

Local Gov

Our Mystery Residents can assess the experience when enquiring about wide a range of local services.

mystery students


We can send our Mystery Students to your University or College open days to assess their experience.

mystery managers


Our Mystery Managers are sent around to assess what’s going on when the managers aren’t around.

mystery clients


If you’re a B2B company, we can assess your experience too using our panel of business owners.

mystery employees


Our Mystery Employees assesses satisfaction, quality and compliance from onboarding to induction.

Anywhere a customer experience exists, you will find us!

“Mystery Shoppers has made a really positive impact on our franchise network. We find them very easy to deal with and this is coupled to a highly professional service. This process has enabled us to test our organisation across the board. Are we really great and consistent on the telephone, do we then turn up in a clean vehicle on time and look smart and friendly? How were we in the customers house, were we professional and informative? Did we follow up with all the correct paperwork and appropriate telephone conversations? This was all possible to test by working with Mystery Shoppers. The results have made a very positive difference across the network. So thank you, you have made a real difference to our company and will continue to do so in the future.”
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