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Who Are Mystery Diners?

Mystery Diners are integral to helping us find out what aspects of your business could be improved upon. They will be typical customers who have visited your firm to make use of your services. Whether they order a sushi platter, stay the night or undertake any other activity within your hospitality business, they will be conducting important hospitality market research and contributing to the future success of your business.

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Drive Positive Behaviours
Benchmark service against competitors
Improve Customer Experience
Reward Best Practice
Embed Company Training
Embed training and sales techniques
Ensure Brand Consistency
Reducing the risk of theft/dishonesty
Test Social Media Responses

Flexible Solutions

What Is Hospitality Mystery Shopping?


Our tailored Hospitality programmes at Mystery Shoppers Ltd. are designed to help improve the service quality provided to customers and guests interacting with your business. Whether you’re a restaurant, or accommodation provider or fall under another hospitality category, we ensure that your customers feel valued throughout their encounters with your business, incorporating a strategy that provides personalised attention and support, whilst maximising customer satisfaction levels. Remember, it’s not just shopping!

How Does it Work?

Above all, how does it work? Well, with our numerous assessment methods, we will provide our Mystery Diners with an assignment, where they will visit your hospitality business and undertake the specific set of tasks that we have provided them with. They will document their experience and key findings all upon our mobile app, collecting a wide spectrum of important data. We use this to further analyse, develop and install an effective plan of action that will take your business to the next level.  

Enquiry Response Times
Booking Process
Enquiry Follow Up
Arrival & Walk Ins
Available Products
Ordering Process
Upselling / Cross-selling / Refills
POS Materials
Accessibility & Inclusion

What Are The Benefits of Hospitality Mystery Shoppers? 

Supplying your hospitality business with
an extraordinary performance improvement solution is key to enabling
your business to grow and develop your overarching business strategy.
Other clear benefits of hospitality mystery shoppers at Mystery Shoppers
Ltd are:

  • Bespoke hospitality programmes
  • Precise service evaluations
  • Team performance assessments
  • Benchmark performance against competitors
  • Operational gap identifications
  • Real-time customer insights

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Working with Mystery Shoppers Ltd allows us to get detailed

insights on our restaurant strengths and opportunities. We have taken advantage of their portal which calls out trends allows us to drive activity through focusing on the right measures.”

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