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Mystery Donators

We’ve developed a specialist team for all of our Fundraising Clients which has enabled us to:

  • Assess locations with less than 1 week’s notice
  • Assess third party fundraisers
  • React quickly to cancellations and site changes
  • Reflect industry standards in form design
  • Develop training for mystery donators
  • Test vulnerability scenarios for compliance

Assessment Areas:

As part of the assessments, the mystery donors :

  • Can attend and assess at events and expos
  • Observe the stand and staff behaviours
  • Assess compliance to regulations
  • Demonstrate a possible vulnerability
  • Ask questions about the charity
  • Assess rapport building and friendliness
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If you’re looking to improve the success and service of your charity, then provide us with a little bit of information on what you are looking to achieve and we’ll get back to you.

“I’ve been working with Mystery Shoppers Ltd since 2009, when I started work at what was then the Public Fundraising Regulatory Association. In that time face-to-face fundraising has been through some challenging times, and I’ve regularly been impressed and reassured by the way in which they’ve been able to adapt to the changes, implement new ways of working, and deal with fluctuations in volume, quickly and efficiently.”
Chartered Institute of Fundraising
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