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Who Are Mystery Donors?

Mystery Donors, are regular people who pose as potential donators. They will await to be approached about donations and let the fundraiser talk to them about the benefits of donating to their chosen charity.

It’s hugely important for the fundraising industry to remain in compliance to industry regulation, and so we’ve developed a large panel of trained assessors to help make sure we can track down site teams and assess how they’re handling donation requests.

Some of our Mystery Donors have their own Covert Video Cameras so can record the interactions to allow businesses to see and hear the experience

Our Video Mystery Donors are able to travel the country completing various different mystery shops for Mystery Shoppers Ltd.

Compliance Assurance
Assess locations with less than 1 week’s notice
Assess third party fundraisers
Vulnerability Testing
Embed Company Training
Video Mystery Shopping
Lottery, Sign-ups and Refusals
Provide Feedback to Staff
Events & Local Stands

Flexible Solutions

What Is Fundraising Mystery Shopping?

Our bespoke Fundraising programmes at Mystery Shoppers Ltd enable you to see the performance of your fundraisers or agency partners and the rest
of your fundraising and donator care team.

Providing your business with a comprehensive insight programme means that we work closely with your team to identify which areas need
improvement and where we can further drive positive behaviours. We’ll help you turn this into an award-winning strategy where you and your employees reach KPIs, (key performance indicators) whilst improving the all-important customer experience.

How Does it Work?

So, how exactly does it work? Using our specialised different assessment methods, our Mystery Donors are allocated an assignment, which could be a call to your donations team, a visit to a high street location or a stand at a short-term event or expo.

Here, they must carry out the required tasks that we have given them. We can ask them to portray certain scenarios to test how they are handled. They will then covertly conduct fundraising market research by collecting real-time data from their experience and document this on our mystery shopper mobile app.

Observation for Compliance
3 Step Rule
Drive Positive Behaviours
Regulation Compliance
Uniform Standards
Contactless Methods
Vulnerability Handling
Information Provided
Rapport Building

What Are The Benefits of Charity Fundraising Mystery Shoppers? 

Providing your fundraising charity with the ultimate performance improvement solution is important to develop your business strategy and drive performance amongst teams. Other key benefits of fundraising mystery shoppers at Mystery Shoppers Ltd include:

  • Bespoke charity fundraising programmes
  • Accurate compliance evaluations
  • Fundraiser team performance assessments
  • Identification of issues or potential compliance issues
  • Customer experience enhancement
  • Business strategy creation and implementation

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“I’ve been working with Mystery Shoppers Ltd since 2009, when I started work at what was then the Public Fundraising Regulatory Association. In that time face-to-face fundraising has been through some challenging times, and I’ve regularly been impressed and reassured by the way in which they’ve been able to adapt to the changes, implement new ways of working, and deal with fluctuations in volume, quickly and efficiently.”
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