Who Are Mystery Employees?

Mystery Employees are carefully selected individuals who blend seamlessly into your workforce, acting as your eyes and ears on the ground. 
They’re tasked with evaluating everything from the application process to interviews, providing invaluable insights into the employee experience.

They can even start employment with your business and assess the onboarding and induction period!
This innovative approach ensures your HR policies and procedures are not only compliant with industry standards, but also align with your company’s ethos to ensure each candidate remains engaged throughout.
Our Mystery Employees will adapt to various roles within your organisation, thereby offering a wide-ranging perspective on your company culture and operational efficiency, from advertisement to the training provided.
Procedure Compliance
Job Adverts
Candidate Experience
Enquiry Response
Follow Up
Application Process
Interview Process
Onboarding & Next Steps

Flexible Solutions

What Is Recruitment Mystery Shopping ?

Our tailor-made Employee Experience programmes are designed to give you a bird’s eye view of your internal operations, from the initial application phase right through to employee induction, training and beyond. 
By closely collaborating with your HR team, we identify key areas for enhancement and promote best practices that foster a positive workplace culture. 
Our goal is to empower your organisation with the tools needed to devise and implement strategies that not only attract top talent but also retain your most valuable assets – your employees.


How Does it Work?

So, how exactly does it work?

By deploying our Mystery Employees across various facets of your organisation, we simulate a range of scenarios to test the robustness of your HR policies. 

Whether it’s applying for a job, onboarding or even undergoing training, our assessors meticulously document their experiences. 

This is achieved through a combination of covert observations and the use of cutting-edge technology, ensuring the feedback you receive is both accurate and actionable.

This process allows us to gather comprehensive data, which is then analysed to offer you a detailed report on our findings, including recommendations for improvement.

Enquiry response times
Enquiry Experience
Drive Positive Behaviours
Information Provided
Opportunities Available
Candidate Journey
POS and Marketing Materials
Benchmarking Against Competitors
Compliance Audits

What Are The Benefits of Mystery Employees? 

Investing in our Employee Experience Mystery Shopping service equips your organisation with a multifaceted evaluation tool, aimed at enhancing your overall business strategy and improving team performance.

The benefits of integrating mystery shoppers within your workforce include:

  • Tailored employee experience improvement programmes.
  • Detailed analysis of recruitment, onboarding, and training processes.
  • Evaluation of workplace culture and employee satisfaction.
  • Identification of strengths and improvement areas within HR.
  • Enhanced employee retention strategies.
  • Support in building a constructive and productive work environment.

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