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Mystery Managers

Our Mystery Managers are sent around to assess what’s going on when the managers aren’t around.

  • Are procedures still being complied with?
  • Is the service at the same standard?
  • Is the quality of output still as high?

Teams will be on guard for potential Mystery Managers, in the same way they look out for Area Managers.

Assessment Areas:

The introduction of Mystery Managers can fulfil a common part of the Area/Regional Manager role, and enable your teams to be focussed on employee coaching and development whilst in store instead of worrying about correct signage.

  • Assess front of house standards
  • Cleanliness, inside and out
  • Correct POS materials displayed
  • Door left open
  • Uniform compliance
  • Upselling and Cross selling
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"The MSL Team in my time working with them have always showed the willingness to work together which I feel is important in a partnership. This helps us to achieve our goal of having the best trained staff and the most satisfied customers through our mystery shopping programme. I have found them quick to react to the needs of our business whenever we have required them to do so, and I look forward to working with the team in the future."
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