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Mystery Passengers

Mystery Passengers ride the Bus, Tube, Taxis, Trains and Trams and report back on their experiences.

In the Rail Industry, we have extensive experience in developing, implementing and successfully running Service Quality Regimes (SQR) for Train Operating Companies (TOCs) all over the UK.

Since 2016, SQR has become a huge passion for the business, so much so that MSL has developed and grown its own specialist Rail Team to consult on, design and implement SQR programmes.


Mystery Shopping

Assessment Areas

We can utilise mystery shopping programmes to:

  • Assess customer experience received
  • Monitor asset standards and availability
  • Review ease of ticket purchasing
  • Track journey times
  • Check compliance to DfT requirements
  • Test accessiblity to ensure equality for all
  • Measure health & safety standards
We are able to integrate systems with other partners and clients to aid feedback and monitoring.
With over 350,000 potential mystery passengers, we are able to assess stations and transport routes easily nationwide.
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“MSL’s support was critical to the successful introduction of our new Service Quality Regime. The experience and understanding of the requirements needed to establish such a regime were invaluable, and the flexibility the team brought to our introduction enabled us to meet our commitments from the very beginning, supporting until we had reached a level of maturity where we could safely continue without further support.”
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