Who Are Mystery Passengers?

Mystery Passengers are covert individuals who use public and private
transport services to assess the passenger experience first-hand. They
provide invaluable feedback on aspects such as cleanliness, timeliness,
staff professionalism, and overall service quality. 

Our Mystery Passengers help ensure that transport providers meet regulatory
standards and excel in customer service, enhancing passenger
satisfaction and safety.

Some of our Mystery Passengers have their own Covert Video Cameras so can record the interactions to allow businesses to see and hear the experience themselves! 

Our Video Mystery Passengers are able to travel the country completing various different mystery shops for Mystery Shoppers Ltd.

Compliance to Contract
Industry Benchmarking
Assess Customer Experience
Drive Staff Engagement
Embed Company Training
Assess Complaints Process
Track Journey Times
Accessibility Testing
Monitor Asset Standards and Availability

Flexible Solutions

What Is Transport Mystery Shopping?

Our specialised Transport Mystery Shopping programmes are designed to gauge the quality of your transportation services. By working closely with your team, we pinpoint areas needing improvement and celebrate your successes, all while keeping passenger satisfaction at the forefront.

Our goal is to support you in crafting a seamless travel experience that
passengers are eager to recommend.

Our bespoke Transport programmes at Mystery Shoppers Ltd enable you to drive the performance of your passenger transport or manage the quality of stocks and assets.


How Does it Work?

So, how exactly does it work? 

Mystery Passengers are assigned to travel via your services, whether it’s buses, trains, taxis, or trams. They observe and evaluate various elements of their journey, from ticket purchasing to the condition of the vehicles and the conduct of the staff. This real-time feedback is then analysed to provide actionable insights, helping you navigate the challenges of the transportation industry. Mystery Passengers could assess an online enquiry, social media complaint, booking tickets through a third-party or simply carrying out a customer journey.

They will then covertly conduct transport market research by collecting real-time data from their experience and document this on our mystery shopper mobile app.

Timeliness and Delays
Sales Journey across Channels
Online Enquiry Follow Up
Social Media Testing
Assistance Services
Check-in and onboarding
Service Quality
Real-time Reporting
Industry Insight

What Are The Benefits of Transport Mystery Shoppers? 

Providing your transport business with the ultimate performance improvement solution is important to develop your business strategy and drive performance amongst teams. Other key benefits of transport mystery shoppers at Mystery Shoppers Ltd include:

  • Bespoke transport programmes
  • Unbiased accurate service quality evaluations
  • Insights into operational efficiency and safety standards
  • Identification of issues or potential compliance issues
  • Customer experience enhancement 
  • Enhanced reputation and passenger loyalty
  • Business strategy creation and implementation

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Our Experience In Service Quality Regimes

Mystery Shoppers Ltd (MSL) is the leading provider in independent Service Quality Regimes (SQR) in the UK Rail Industry.

We provide independent auditors alongside our huge panel of mystery shoppers who travel around the UK Rail Network assessing customer service, stocks and assets on both carriages and stations.

With over 80 auditors on our auditor panel, we have the ability to facilitate audits and reinspection within short time-frames and using our industry leading reporting software we can ensure real-time audit data and live reporting.

Working with 10 Train Operating Companies (TOCs) in the UK and with over 6 years’ experience, we have a dedicated Rail Client Services Team and Head of Rail Insights.


“Mystery Shoppers Ltd has not only supported East Midlands Railway by implementing one of the most complicated compliance regimes in the UK Rail Industry but has acted as a critical friend in delivering and landing the project with the rest of the business. This has been through their diligent and proactive approach to systems integration, creative solutions to problem solving whilst successfully delivering our service quality regime on time and within budget.”
East Midlands Rail
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“MSL’s support was critical to the successful introduction of our new Service Quality Regime. The experience and understanding of the requirements needed to establish such a regime were invaluable, and the flexibility the team brought to our introduction enabled us to meet our commitments from the very beginning, supporting until we had reached a level of maturity where we could safely continue without further support.”
Transport for Wales
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