Who Are Mystery Students?

Mystery Students act as prospective students,
attending open days at universities and colleges to assess the overall
experience from an attendee’s perspective. They evaluate the myriad aspects of educational institutions, including the quality of information provided, the
engagement level of staff and lecturers on open days, and the overall atmosphere and facilities.  They’ve been asked to test so many areas in education – our favourite is cheating in exams!!

Our Mystery Students blend in seamlessly with genuine prospective students, allowing them to provide unbiased, authentic
insights into the student experience. With a comprehensive network of
Mystery Students across the country, we offer unparalleled insights into
how educational institutions can enhance their open day events and
student engagement strategies.

Open Days
Accommodation Providers
Exam Boards
Test Centres
Student Enquiries
Student Bars, Clubs, Restaurants
Student Facilities
Universities & Colleges

Flexible Solutions

What Is Mystery Shopping in Education?

Our Education Industry Mystery Shopping service offers universities, schools and colleges a unique opportunity to view their institution through the eyes of potential students. 

This bespoke programme is designed to work collaboratively with your admissions and marketing teams to identify areas for improvement, celebrate strengths, and ultimately drive up the appeal of your institution to prospective students. 

By focusing on the details that matter most to students, our programme helps you to refine your open day offerings, ensuring that every interaction contributes positively to their decision-making process.


How Does it Work?

So, how exactly does it work? Our process begins by assigning Mystery Students tasks that mirror the actions and enquiries of potential students. 

These tasks range from asking specific questions to staff, assessing the ease of navigation around the campus, to experiencing workshops or lectures during open days. 

The Mystery Students then document their findings using our market-leading technology, providing real-time, actionable feedback. This process allows educational institutions to understand the effectiveness of their communication, the impact of their facilities and services, and the overall satisfaction level of their prospective student body.

Enquiry response times
Accessibility Testing
Enquiry Follow Up
Information Provided
Facilities Available
Customer Experience
Available Services
Benchmarking Against Competitors & Pricing
Rapport Building, Empathy and Sensitivity

What Are The Benefits of Mystery Students? 

Engaging with our Mystery Students enhances the prospective student experience and improves the performance of your educational institution, including:

  • Customised evaluations tailored to the unique needs of universities.
  • Insightful compliance checks to ensure information accuracy.
  • Detailed assessments of staff interactions and presentation.
  • Identification of potential areas for improvement in student services.
  • Enhanced understanding of the prospective student journey, from initial interest to application.
  • Strategic support in implementing changes to maximise open day success and student recruitment.

By leveraging the insights gained from Mystery Students, educational institutions can make data-driven decisions to optimise their appeal.

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“I worked with Mystery Shoppers on a pilot scheme to establish current company benchmarking standards and to earmark areas for further improvement ... I found the MSL team easy to work with, diligent and professional throughout ... I would have no hesitation in enlisting their services again or referring them to other clients, as working with them has been very beneficial for our business.”
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