How to do a website assessment

Mystery Shops: How to complete a website assessment

At MSL, we have a variety of mystery shopping assignments available, including online website assessments. These are ideal for completing from the comfort of your own home, and easier to do than you might think. Here’s our guide to completing a website assessment. 

If you are new to mystery shopping, make sure you have signed up as a mystery shopper with us here

Once you have a Shopper account set up, you can log into the Portal and search for assignments, find one you like the look of and apply for it. If you’re assigned, it will appear in your inbox.

What will I need to do for a website assignment?

Most website assessments are looking for shoppers to test out specific features of a website. For example;

  • How easy it is to find certain information
  • Availability of products
  • Compatibility between PC, tablet or phone
  • What the experience was like for making a purchase or enquiry
  • Testing chatbots or live chat facilities

You’ll record your experience by webcam and screen recording software so you can give verbal feedback throughout, as well as seeing how you navigate around the website. Don’t worry though, full details on what you’ll need to do will be in the Shopper Brief, and you’ll have a dedicated team member assigned to help.

What will I need?

  • A computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone with sound and video recording capability (most will have this built-in) If you are using a PC or laptop which does not have a webcam, you may need to purchase one. They are usually no more than £20.
  • Screen recording software or an app installed on your device. 

There are lots of free screen recording software out there for you to try, including OBS Studio, Share X, Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder, FlashBack Express and Screencast-o-Matic. Here’s a great website which lists some of the top free ones, but we advise you investigate the options and find one that you like.

How do I complete my assignment?

Log in to the Shopper Portal and fill out the assessment form, outlining your experience.

Make sure you save your recording, then refer to your Shopper Brief, which will give you instructions on whether to upload the recording straight to your assessment form on your shopper portal, or whether to send the recording to the team member listed on the Shopper Brief.

When submitting your form, please add as much detail as possible, as this provides valuable feedback to our clients and gives us a better understanding of your answers. Complete the form with an open mind and think carefully about your answers. Don’t forget to use a spell checker afterwards.

Ready to get started? 

Follow this link to log in to the Shopper Portal. If you have any questions or have feedback on any (and all!) areas of our facilities, please let us know. Do contact us at +44 (0)1409 255025, Option 2

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