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About Mystery Shoppers Botswana

Mystery Shoppers Botswana was set up in 2013 as an initiative to grow an existing customer service training consultancy called Customer Service Clinic (BQA accredited), which is still standing as a sister business.

We exist to evaluate, measure and report on customer service quality using our mystery shopping innovative research techniques and industry-leading technology, that is supported by our business associates, Mystery Shoppers
UK. (

Fundamentally, we specialise in mystery shopping, and we may also offer customer, market, and competition surveys according to the customer’s requirement.

Our product
offers an outright elevation in service delivery, a higher level of employee retention, an ultimate increase in brand loyalty and delivers a complete solution that is measurable and clearly demonstrates a rate of return on the investment.

We are proud members of the Market Research Service - (MRS) UK and Mystery Shopping Providers Association (MSPA)– UK, which means we strictly adhere to their high standards when it comes to service quality.

Our Contact Details

+267 72608860 +267 76662622

Mystery Shoppers Ltd 25 Year Anniversary

Our Experience

During the years we have successfully worked with organizations in the government, oil, mobile, food and financial services in Botswana who wanted to use mystery shopping as the basis for continuous improvement and/or staff performance management programs.

Some of our key customers served before include: Mascom, CEDA, AFRITEC, We helped them identify problem areas of their service and used the tools we have, to produce interpretable and actionable results that has the potential to change behavior and actions.

We pride ourselves with our all-inclusive reporting system that includes our online portal reporting system, that offer our clients real-time results 24/7 so that they may action on any red flags as soon as they appear in the system.

Over and above the online reporting system we also offer PDF written reports and any bespoke report that the client may require.

We have worked with our customers to facilitate implementation to bridge the gap between our recommendations and the actual implementation.

Products and Services

We are currently offering the following product packages:

  1. Exclusive Mystery shopping programs (Mystery visits/video
    shopping/mystery calls/emails)

  2. Mystery shopping and customer service training packages (We
    run the two concurrently to close the service gaps identified by
    each one of them)

  3. Business collaborations with other customer service training
    companies/colleges (We work with other training institutions
    to measure their service quality and identify training needs)

  4. Customer, market, and competition surveys


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