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Managing Director – Pretty M Keikotlhaile


Mystery Shoppers Botswana is a Customer Experience consultancy, trading under the company, PREPET INVESTMENTS (PTY) LTD. We are a 100% Citizen owned company, with two Batswana Directors. We are based in Gaborone at Plot 5681 Unit 13. We have a staff complement of four permanent staff, and a pool of more than three hundred registered freelancing Mystery Shoppers (agents) around the country, who are called in whenever there is a need. New projects however, always attract new temporary recruits and/or permanent staff.

Our key product is Mystery-shopping (Measuring, auditing, assessment and reporting on Customer service standard).

 Our services include

  1. Mystery shopping
  2. Assessments may be done in the form of :
    • Visits
    • Video visits
    • Mystery calls
    • Mystery emails
  3. Market Intelligence and
  4. Compliance programs.

Our product offers produce an outright elevation in service delivery, a higher level of employee retention, an ultimate increase in your brand loyalty and delivers a complete solution that is measurable and clearly demonstrates a rate of return on the investment in our customer’s brand. 

In recognising the fundamental need for a Customer service improvement in Botswana, in 2013 we collaborated with a company in the UK, called Mystery shoppers ltd to further address concerns associated with Customer service.

Service Quality Concerns

  1. The Global Competitiveness Report has for the past years ranked Botswana very low on Degree of Customer orientation. For example, the 2014/2015 report, ranked Botswana as number 120 out of 148 countries.
  2. It is of utmost concern that Customer service quality in Botswana has been and remains a topical issue that needs attention by both the business community and customer service specialists, like us. There is a general concern in our market that indicates that there is a lax culture of customer service execution across business and service industries; government and private sector alike.
  3. Customer service is a key driver of bottom line performance in every organization; therefore, we believe that companies that differentiate on the quality of their customer experience will be best placed to achieve their growth ambitions.

In order for Botswana businesses to trade in the global market, there is a need for our local workers to be sensitized about the importance of excelling in customer service, and to instil mind-set change with regard to the same.

Industry experience

As operators of Mystery shoppers in Botswana, we pride ourselves with wealth of experience in the customer service consultancy space since 2010. This includes mystery shopping and training. We have offered training and mystery shopping to different industries in the market who have opted to put their customer experience at the forefront.

We are fully supported by our UK counterparts, who have an all-embracing background of expertise, are well resourced, with 16 years experience in Mystery shopping and other Customer experience initiatives. We take advantage of their well-resourced establishment, experience and more advanced systems clued-up by the high standard service quality culture of the UK, that is comprehensive and exceptional. This combination gives us confidence that we have a complete capacity to assist our clients attain their Customer service objectives and strategies. Our concern is our client’s achievement of their customer service and sales objectives.

We have done work in Parastatals, Oil industry, Restaurants, Cleaning companies and the Food Industry before.


Mystery Shoppers Botswana is led by Managing Director, Pretty M Keikotlhaile. Pretty has a  wealth of experience in the Sales and Marketing area of business, particularly Customer service,  for thirteen years both as an employee and as an employer. She encountered Mystery shopping and accumulated experience and passion when working as a Sales Manager for an oil company, where reading, analysing and critiquing mystery shopping reports was part of her role. She was also responsible for implementing recommendations made by the Mystery shopping company. Pretty is also a Customer Service Trainer since 2010, accredited by Botswana Qualifications Authority (BQA).


A Summary Report is provided at the end of each Wave assesment with strengths and weaknesses highlighted, units compared, the key issues identified and recommendations for any changes.  As data accumulates trend analysis can show whether any management action, training etc. has been successful and where further effort is needed.  Potential drops in performance can be identified and corrected before customers get to notice.

There are three main report options designed to suit different Client requirements of reports

    1. The Portal (24 hour online Reports)
    2. Quick Summary (showing all relevant data with tables and wave on wave analysis) – Extracted from the Portal
    3. Standard Summary (detailed formal written report in our standard format including analysis with graphs, charts, summary and recommendations for complex (e.g. visits and emails and calls)
    4. Enhanced Report (tailored to your own exact requirements)


We are partner to some highly reputed International companies relevant to our industry, who give us guidance. Mystery shoppers Botswana has an established Quality System to meet the prime needs of your organization in carrying out data collection services.  Interviewing carried out via online methods, telephone or on the street.

Mystery Shopper Ltd

We are a Company Partner for Market Research Service - UK (MRS). By being a MRS Company Partner, organizations are committing to uphold industry standards and comply with self regulation. As MRS Company Partners, we endorse and support the core MRS values of professionalism, research excellence and business effectiveness, and commit to comply with the MRS code of conduct throughout their organization.

Market Research Service

We are members of the Mystery Shopping Providers Association – UK (MSPA); MSPA is the largest professional trade association dedicated to improving service quality using anonymous resources. MSPA members require their mystery shoppers to abide by the MSPA code of ethics and we operate within the strict MRS code of practice. 

Mystery Shopping Professionals Association


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