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Keep Your Shopper Grade High and be Picked for More Assignments

Every time we check through an assessment form, we give the shopper a grade based on 4 elements:

We love giving new shoppers (that haven’t yet been given a grade), the chance to complete an assignment if they apply, but generally speaking the higher your grade, the more likely you are to be selected for assignments.

Here are some tips on how to keep your grade high:

1. ‘The devil is in the detail.’

We did an internal poll here at MSL and found that the most common reason for our quality checking team to give a shopper a high grade was for their wonderfully detailed comments.

Shoppers explaining their answers thoroughly really help our clients to understand what happened during the assignment and providing detailed comments should mean that we never have any queries about what went on. If we can pass your assessment form straight onto our clients without having to contact you then your payments will be processed without delay and could be with you far sooner than the 28 days that we usually state.

Simply changing the question wording around and repeating it in the comment box doesn’t tell our clients anything:

If you provide a bit of detail, our clients can see exactly what staff did right or wrong:

2. ‘Punctuality is the first step towards success.’

In most cases we ask that assessment forms are submitted to us by 9am the day after you do the assignment. We ask this because:

  • We often have to deliver results to our clients within a certain time period so that they can act on the findings ASAP.
  • So that the details of your assignment are fresh in your mind.

3. ‘Every picture has a story to tell.’

On most of our assessments forms there will be some form of media attachment required. Our clients might use these to get a better idea of the customer interaction (listening to a phone call recording for example) and we use them to make sure that our shoppers have done the assignment correctly.

Generally speaking we follow the criteria below when we grade shoppers:

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