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Shopper Tips- Adding contacts to your email address book

Start by opening your emails as you normally would and find the last email sent by Mystery Shoppers Ltd (sometimes it will be Remember to check your Junk/Spam folder, your 'Promotions' folder (for Gmail users) or your 'Other' folder for Outlook/Live/Hotmail users.

Then use the instructions below to find out how to add us to your address book:

iPhone mail app - click on the hyperlinked sender, this should be at the top of the screen in a bold, blue font.

Then click create new contact, you may have to scroll for this to appear then click 'Done'.

Android mail app - click on the circle next to the sender at the top, then you will be given the option to add to your contacts.

Sometimes different email account apps and websites work differently. Below you should find some instructions to help

TalkTalk (web-based) - click on the hyperlinked sender and then click 'Add to address book' and save.

Gmail Account (web-based) - Hover your mouse over the sender's photo (in this example the grey icon) and a box should appear. Then click 'Add to Contacts' and save.

Outlook (app) - click on the icon in the top left hand corner (in this example the yellow circle with TI written in it) and then click 'Add Contact' and save.

BT Internet (app) - click on the circle next to the sender at the top, then you will be given the option to add to your contacts.

Yahoo (web-based) - hover over the sender and a popup will appear giving you the option 'Add to contacts'.

If you have any questions on this, please feel free to contact the team at

Happy Shopping!

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