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Shopper Tips- Finding Assignments using the City Search

You may have seen our ‘new MSL assignments available online’ emails (if not, check your junk!) they let you know about any assignments that are near you. But how do you find those assignments once you are logged into your shopper portal? Here’s a few tips on how to do so!

Once you have logged onto your shopper portal go to ‘available assignments’ you should find that an orange box appears at the top of the page, like so.

If you click on the orange box, it will remove your location and allow you to see all available assignments all over the country. This is a handy tip, if you’re going away in the UK, but still want to complete assignments where you are. You can then use the city search bar to search the location of where you want to shop.

 If you receive this in your emails…

… and decide that you would like to apply for the ‘Cliffe high Street, Lewes- Fundraiser Assessment- Assorted Charities’ assignment, you would type into the city search bar 'Cliffe High Street, Lewes' and the assignment should pop up at the top of the list, letting you read the assignment info and apply quickly.

Alternatively, you could use an asterisk and search *Lewes* and a list of all the available assignments in Lewes would appear, you would then scroll through to find the fundraiser assessment.

Happy Shopping!

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