Why Mystery Shopping Really Is Accessible For All

Why Mystery Shopping Really Is Accessible For All

We love working with our fab community of mystery shoppers, and with hundreds of new assignments available each month, there’s always an exciting way to earn extra extra income, right around the corner. Mystery shopping is an accessible way of working for so many different companies and many of our shoppers tell us that it’s been good for mind and body!

So, is it really true what we say? Read on and find out…

How often do these statements sound like you?

  • I want to earn extra money but I need to work from home
  • I have a disability and want to find work that is adaptive to my needs
  • I’ve just had a baby and want to boost our income, but need to find jobs that work around my family
  • I’m a student and just don’t have the time to commit to a part-time job AND my studies
  • I like to work flexibly around my lifestyle, but many jobs don’t fulfil this

Mystery shopping is by no means a full-time job, but it can work for you, giving you a little extra in your bank account when you need it most. 

For many of our assignments, we’re actively looking for shoppers who have accessibility needs, to really test certain businesses’ ability to offer help, support and advice to customers during a mystery shopped experience. For example, for a train journey assignment, if you are someone who would need assistance to board at a station , we’d love to hear from you. All of your feedback goes towards improving the customer experience on future journeys.

We take pride in working with our network of over 330,000 shoppers, offering help and support where you need it most. A recent shopper emailed us saying that as a disabled shopper, they cannot maintain a ‘normal job’. Completing mystery shopping assignments has not only helped to improve their confidence, but their physical and mental wellbeing.  

These are just a few of our recent assignments ready for shoppers…

FINANCE – Insurance quote enquiry (telephone) 

HOTEL – Social media enquiry (web)

LEISURE & TOURISM – Holiday booking process (telephone)

HEALTHCARE – Hearing aid enquiry visit (in-person)

TRANSPORT – Train customer journey (in-person)

CAFÉ & RESTAURANT – Fast food restaurant visit (in-person)

HEALTH & BEAUTY – Make-up consultation (-in-person)

Mystery shops don’t tend to take long and some can be completed while you’re commuting!

If purchases are made as part of an assignment, these will usually be reimbursed and some even offer bonus payments! 

To apply all you need to do is sign up as a shopper on our website and follow all the instructions to creating a profile for yourself.

For help and advice, contact our Shopper team on shopper.support@mystery-shoppers.co.uk or call 01409 255025 (option 2). Alternatively, message us on our social media pages join our Facebook Group Mystery Shoppers Ltd- Available Assignments.

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